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How can I create a tour?

  1. You can create tours from scratch. Go to Create Tour and start from there.
  2. You can import a GPX file and start from there. Go to My Account and upload your GPX file.
  3. You can record a track using this website and start from there. Go to Record a Track. When you have finished the recorded track, the track becomes visible in your account and you can use this as a base for your tour.

How can I pay for a tour?

We have several options in our site. Depending on the country you are you can pay with PayPal, Credit Cards, or direct bank transfer.

How long is a bought tour valid?

The tour is one year valid after you have made a purchase. Tour vouchers are also one year valid. After you have started a tour, this tour must be completed within two days.

Who owns the tours in this website?

Outdoor Puzzle Tours© owns the tours and the accompanying rights. Our dedicated tour designers are being paid to create the tours and they get a share of the profit.

Can I become a Tour Designer in any country in the world?

Please apply for Tour Designer following this link: Become a Tour Designer and we will contact you to discuss further details.